December 2015 Newsletter

bac5b2c9-ceb1-4168-a311-abd1c5eb866c“We don’t have to do much; but we are all called to do something….”


You can help children in Belize & in Ghana for not very much…


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This newsletter is focused on Ghana but, Vacation Bible School Belize plans are well underway.
The mission team meets again 3 January – more to come….

GHANA December 2015


Yua Village; 

2be6587b-b100-4fcc-af8e-921633e37411“The church filled w/people”Since SCM’s roof project for Yua Village Church, attendance has increased. Celebration (video link above right) was evident at the annual “Church Harvest”. SCM & village Elders formed 2016 plans including expansion of the micro-finance project for more women.

Each woman (14 currently) in the program gives 5GHS*/month back into a fund in order to finance another woman in the future. When the fund reaches 100-200GHS the council selects another woman to put into business who in return pays into the fund each month. The program is overseen by the church, village and SCM. Business(s) include; grain sales, seamstress work, crafts, poultry work, food preparation etc.(*GHS=Ghanaian Cedi=$.26 USD)

Watch this short video. Not a professionally done video (because I did it) but.. gives you an idea. They are in line to place offering at the altar. Joyful in giving…



Emperor Academy School: There is so much that could be said, but… I think the photos tell the story better.  We are now at 72 students and growing. Water, electricity, toilet, beginning of playground with drawings completed for next phase of building.  YOU SUPPORTERS can be proud of what you have done and how many you have helped!


More photos:
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He wants no credit, but it is only fitting that all remember Dr. Anthony Akunzule (pictured above singing w/children) and the staff he has assembled in-country. They are the reason SCM in Ghana can claim any success. To my brother “Akunz” and all of you who have made this possible – Thank you.  

John E. Roberts: President/Founder: Serving Christ Ministries, Inc. 2011


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