belindaThanks to Dr. Anthony Nosh Akunzule, and his wife Mary, Serving Christ Ministries is thriving in Ghana. Dr. Akunzule was the catalyst behind a partnership with the Asutsuare community Women’s Development Society and other NGOs (non-government organizations) such as Drilling for Hope, who have provided resources for projects that can help all peoples of Ghana. Especially the women who increase their family income and provide for their children, with our numerous Micro-Finance projects. They successfully have launched local woman in numerous villages in layer poultry organization, Yua village church choir associations, numerous micro-finance projects from sewing businesses, to ground nuts sales, hair salon, farming, small animals sales etc.

One of SCM’s largest achievements is the Emperor Academy School in Ataa Mensah, Ghana. Here we feed all children 2 meals/day as well as the education from nursery to being ready for high school. Our school has it’s own parcel of land, donated by the local tribal chief, with a security wall, running water, 10 classrooms and other buildings along with biofil toiles and running water. The school has averaged near 100 students in recent years.

Additionally SCM sponsors nursing students with one who has completed high school, nursing school and is currently working in Government service in Ghana. Additionally there are other nursing students being sponsored in entry level nursing and midwifery.


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